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Major Cities of Europe

Major Cities of Europe (MCE) was created in 1982 as a non-profit and independent membership association of CIO’s, IT managers, heads of departments and policy makers of local governments. It includes universities and other public and private organisations engaged in local government. 
The objective of the association is sharing good practices in the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) in Local Governments. The list of members is published at The association aims to increase the specific value for citizens, the economy and public employees. The purpose of the association shall be achieved by: 
- exchanging experience amongst the association members about the usage of ICT, in workshops, webinars, social networks and the annual conference;
- disseminating innovative practices from around the world; 
- facilitating discussion and engagement among members; 
- supporting the involvement of members in EU and other transnational projects; 
- sharing experiences of providers in leveraging innovative technologies and solutions in local government; 
- engaging research organisations and academia in research and in piloting leading-edge technologies and solutions for local governments.

The Conference

2021 Annual conference of Major Cities of Europe
“From here to where? Succeed in the post COVID transformation”.

Are digital, green, sustainable transformations, and cybersecurity a priority for your organisation?
Do you have access to the skills needed to implement those major changes?
Do you believe that your style of leadership should evolve?
Is Covid going to oblige the reimagining of work and workplaces?
Do you wish to learn and share you experience with your peers across Europe in an open, friendly, and non-commercial environment?

From October 13 to 15 we offer Virtually the Best opportunity to prepare for this changing world by attending the online Major Cities of Europe annual conference!
The Major Cities of Europe conference has been a fixture on the calendar for over thirty years and is recognised as the pre-eminent European conference focused on leading edge transformation and technological innovation in local government.
Whilst in 2022 the city of Larissa, Greece will host our conference in person, the pandemic means that in 2021 a virtual event is the only option. It is the must-attend event for anyone interested in using technology to build smarter and liveable cities. We will be exploring digital transformation, the contribution technology can make to sustainability, and how to effectively manage cybersecurity threats, examining both today’s good practice and the leadership and competences to take us to the next level.
We will host delegates and distinguished speakers from all over Europe and moreover we expect many from Greece with whom to exchange ideas, strategies, solutions, and experiences.
City officials will present their real-life achievements, research organisations will present their leading-edge findings, specialised companies will tell us about how they support Local Governments in reaching their objectives.
• Digital Transformation: local Governments must become better/faster/more effective and responsive in all areas to be able to master the digitisation challenges of the coming years.
• New Leadership Model and Digital Skills are needed to drive the transformation. 
• Green Sustainable Transformation:  the role of local governments is of paramount importance in promoting and driving a green and sustainable transformation.
• Green Skills Revolution: new skills are needed to manage it by considering the value of technology in these new areas of application.  Citizens expect that their city becomes more liveable. 
• Redesigning work and life balance: for city staff better outcomes and citizen’s involvement to design more liveable cities.  
• Digital Ethics: Ethics are moral principles that must govern a person’s or group’s behaviour. Public Administrations must ensure that these principles are applied in the digital world.     
• Cybersecurity: How do WE become “David” and conquer “Goliath” – Supporting Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing as the “Real Way of Protection”.
What makes our annual conference different?
Our most recent annual conferences were hosted by the cities of Venice, Leipzig, Zagreb, Florence, Hamburg, Zurich, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prato and Berlin. Up to four hundred delegates from Europe and further afield join each year. All our conferences received unanimously excellent feedbacks from the delegates about the quality of the speakers and relevance of the session topics.
The independent and non-commercial environment of this pan-European event represents a unique opportunity for participants to engage with their peers about innovation in Local Government. Due to the friendly and open atmosphere, the conference offers an excellent opportunity to engage in informal discussions and learn from each other experiences. The online platform that manages our conference will readily enable effective engagement.
The conference language will be English – simultaneous translation into Greek will be provided.

For more information about the conference contact: 
Registrations are open: you can register here for free




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